Principal Message

From Principal's Desk


Education has its own value and it is its own reward .Centuries have passed and eras have rolled by in the pursuit of its correct implication but the pursuit is continuously going on,as its implication is dynamic and it is intertwined around everchnaging ,time,space and people.      




  Education is the only tool to achieve what one desires. It equips  with enormous potentialities to face the challenges of life; it elaborates to feel the real taste of life; it enables  to realize godliness among human beings; it inspires to feel the presence of an unknown power in nature; it invokes to have that nobody wants to have; it motivates to share that nobody wants to share. 





 It enables one to get respect wherever one goes. It has been well-illustrated in one of the Sanskrit verses:




 Vidwatam cha Nripatwam cha, Naiwam tulya kadachan. 
 Swadeshe pujyate raja, vidwan sarvatra poojayet.




 Why can't we try?